Dems Released Promotional Ad…Now They Want it Hidden

Dems Released Promotional Ad Now They Want it Hidden

It’s the lazy argument that gets trotted out every time any Republican advocates for something to the right of George McGovern’s platform: Republicans are racist.

Think that Michael Brown probably shouldn’t have robbed a store and then reached for an officer’s gun? You racist. Think that almost a decade of work requirement waivers for food stamps is enough? Racist. Think that “uprisings” that destroy private property and attack innocent people and law enforcement officers upon residents aren’t the best way to let your opinion be known? Why, you’re a regular George Wallace.

Funny thing about that George Wallace, though — he was a Democrat. As were a whole lot of racists. From Reconstruction to the modern day, the Democrat Party has been an agglomeration of the worst racial impulses in American society. And nothing says it better than this promotional ad for the Democrats from the 1860s.

Here’s what they want hidden:

This particular ad is from around 1869, although no particular candidate is mentioned. Lest you think that this is just a Southern phenomenon, nearly identical posters were used by the Democrats during the 1866 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race.

If this were a simple matter of the 1860s, there wouldn’t be much of a story here. However, the reason the Democrats want their racist past hidden is that, as William Faulkner might have said, it’s not even past.

Moving beyond Reconstruction, the Democrats were behind the resurgence of the Klan in the early 20th century. In fact, the 1924 Democrat National Convention attracted such a heavy pro-Klan element it was called the “Klanbake”; a “picnic” of 20,000 Klansmen in New Jersey met to protest the “clownvention in Jew York” and threw baseballs at an effigy of Al Smith, a Catholic front-runner for the nomination.

Speaking of the KKK, during his time in the White House, Democrat President Woodrow Wilson organized a special screening of the pro-Klan movie “Birth of a Nation.” “It is like writing history with lightning, and my only regret is that it is all so terribly true,” Wilson said of the film, which featured rapacious black men who specifically targeted white women, black legislators putting their feet on their desks and eating fried chicken, and “justifiable” lynchings of African-Americans.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that T.F. Dixon Jr., who wrote the novel the film was based on, said in a letter that, “The real purpose of my film was to revolutionize Northern sentiments by a presentation of history that would transform every man in the audience into a good Democrat.”

And speaking of “good Democrats,” let’s take former Sen. Robert Byrd, Hillary Clinton’s self-described “mentor.” Byrd founded a chapter of the KKK back in West Virginia (then repeatedly lied about the depth of his involvement), filibustered the Civil Rights Act and voted against Thurgood Marshall’s nomination to the Supreme Court. As late as 2001 was talking about “white n******” on national television.

Byrd may be dead now, but as Dinesh D’Souza explains, the plantation mentality of the Democrats is alive and well:

Much like they did in rural areas in the pre-1970s South, the modern Democrats treat America’s urban areas as their own private fiefdom. They may not claim to be “for the white man” anymore — in fact, far from it. That doesn’t mean they’ve done anything to give minority communities greater economic opportunity, though. They just want the votes, and identity politics turns people out.

A popular phrase in Democrat circles nowadays is “demographics is destiny” — the belief that by pandering to minority groups, they’ll end up becoming an unstoppable force as those groups grow. The merits of this approach are debatable, of course, but the one thing that’s clear is that demographics have always been destiny for the Democrats.

This was just as true when they were whipping up white racists against African-Americans as it is now, as their analysts and politicos carve up America into neat little racial slices that can be pitted against each other for electoral gain. Who’re the racists again, now?

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