Dems Move to Erase Jefferson from Gala

Dems Move to Erase Jefferson from Gala

Although Democrats like to claim they stand for “progress,” a more appropriate descriptor is regress — as their idea of progress usually means destroying what makes this country great and attempting to erase parts of American history they don’t like.

In a recent move by Democrats to attempt to forget our past, a group of Louisiana Democrats have changed the name of an annual fundraiser to snub two former presidents, US News reported.

The annual fundraiser for Democrats for years has been called the “Jefferson-Jackson dinner,” named for President Thomas Jefferson and President Andrew Jackson. Now, it will simply be referred to as the “True Blue Gala.”

This name change occurred because Democrats are trying to put daylight between them and two men who owned slaves.

Yes, owning slaves was wrong. However, these two men also helped form this nation. We shouldn’t throw them on the trash heap of history because of actions they took in times that were vastly different than ours.

KALB reported that the Louisiana Democrat chairwoman, Karen Carter Peterson, explained that this drastic change was “to reflect the progress of the party and the changing times.”

No — it’s an attempt by the Democrats to erase a part of history that makes them uncomfortable.

The Charlotte Observer reported that many other states around the nation have removed the names of Jackson and Jefferson from their events.

Jefferson helped create Louisiana, and Jackson helped defend it from the British. That state owes its very existence to those two men, but don’t tell the Democrats that!

Rather than simply pretending that these two men never existed, Democrats should celebrate them for their accomplishments, but also highlight how they were wrong to own slaves.

You can both celebrate American history and learn from the mistakes we have made. That’s what makes this country truly special.

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