Dems Going Nuts Over Internet Guns

Dems Going Nuts Over Internet Guns

The words “shall not be infringed” in the Second Amendment have been repeatedly ignored by gun-grabbing regulators and liberal lawmakers, but technology is making that overreach much more difficult.

A new report on the so-called “dark web” reveals just how inexpensive and straightforward modern gun manufacturing is… and Democrats are losing their minds at the realization that they can’t control knowledge.

According to the study by the RAND Corp., digital products such as computer-aided design, or “CAD” files, are some of the most popular items on dark web marketplaces.

Those fringe areas of the internet are difficult for authorities to index and police. Without a doubt, many of the dark web users have less-than-noble and even appalling intentions, but encrypted information and modern 3-D printers are also giving ordinary citizens an alternative way to bear arms, should the need ever arise.

“[T]he pricetag for CAD designs to print a gun averaged just $12,” explained Defense One. “And some of those sale items included files to print multiple types.”

That $12 price tag is for the plans themselves, while a 3-D printer and the required materials are a bit steeper. Still, information is power — and many liberals are not happy with allowing free people to share that information among themselves.

“This is a ghost gun,” California state Sen. Kevin de Leon said in 2014, while holding an unloaded AR-style rifle during a presentation at the state Capitol in Sacramento.

“This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second,” he said, according to TheBlaze. “Thirty magazine clip in half a second,” the confused lawmaker continued, demonstrating that his mouth had the ability to disperse 30 inaccuracies in the same time. (A “30-magazine clip?”)

Despite not knowing much about firearms, De Leon proposed a bill that would require an application process for hobbyists who assemble their own firearms at home. De Leon was mocked relentlessly for his abysmally ignorant speech, and even liberal Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill when it reached his desk that year.

But Brown signed a similar bill into law this year that requires “anyone who manufactures or assembles a homemade firearm to first apply for a unique serial number or other marking from the state Department of Justice, which must then be affixed to the weapon,” according to the Sacramento Bee.

California Democrats aren’t the only liberals up in arms — if you’ll pardon the expression — over home-built firearms. report stated that Democrat U.S. Rep. Steve Israel of New York sponsored a bill several years ago which would make it illegal to 3D-print a gun that doesn’t have a government-mandated amount of metal — to ensure that all firearms are detectable by X-ray machines and metal detectors.

In other words, the government would make molding plastic into a particular shape against the law. Fortunately, the bill failed, but just the effort proved how willfully ignorant the gun control forces really are. For instance, it apparently never occurred to Rep. Israel or other liberals that a criminal might remove the required metal before committing a crime.

Then again, a basic understanding of manufacturing and firearm function has never been part of the left’s anti-gun crusade. The simple fact is that any competent machinist with a garage shop can build a functioning firearm in a short time — and it’s been that way for decades.

Firearms just aren’t that complicated. A smooth-bore shotgun is literally a single tube strong enough to withstand a blast, and a hammer mechanism to hit the primer of the shell. Nothing more.

Try as they might, Democrats can’t regulate information, and stacks of laws have repeatedly proved to be ineffective against crime.

Regulating manufacturing knowledge and mechanical objects is futile in the long run.

Armed, responsible citizens and laws that support self defense are what will lower crime. To that end, the falling cost of gun ownership is an advantage, not a obstacle.

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