Dems Bust Out the Old Double Standard: Slam Appt of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as New WH Press Secretary

Dems Bust Out the Old Double Standard Slam Appt of Sarah Huckabee Sanders as New WH Press Secretary

Democrats have little use for people with whom they disagree. But they really bring the hammer down on women and minorities who stray from the liberal farm.

After all, women, African-Americans, members of the LGBTQ community, et al., are supposed to be liberal. Genetically or something. And when they’re not? See: Sarah Palin, her children, and the 2008 election, when she ran as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate.

So when the White House announced last week that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will become press secretary upon the departure of the ever-embattled Sean Spicer, it was go-time for liberals — including liberal women.

Rather than congratulate Sanders on her promotion, feminists — “feminazis,” as Rush Limbaugh sees them — struck out against the announcement via Twitter.

New School professor and liberal activist Natalia M. Petrzela said if Sanders and the White House are looking for congrats, they have another thing coming:

Twitter jumped on Petrzela’s hypocrisy with both feet:

“Comedian” Akilah Hughes decided to attack Sanders’s appearance:

Here’s how that went:

“Creole Daddy” killed two birds with one stone:

Finally, “Family Guy” writer Damien Fahey’s juvenile tweet was, yeah, juvenile:

For which he too was skewered:

There are plenty more, but you get the picture.

To be fair to the hypocrisy of the left, President Donald Trump hasn’t exactly raised the bar over the last two years. With the serious problems facing America, what a shame that politics has devolved to the level of childish name-calling.

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