Democrats try to steal Virginia House election back, but judge isn’t having it

Democrats try to steal Virginia House election back but judge isnt having it

Democrats in Virginia are nowadays focused on one thing: to swipe the elections somewhere, somehow so they can gain the control of the state’s House of Delegates, but their plan is not going as it was supposed to.

The Democratic “blue wave” in Virginia that swept the governorship and a significant chunk of the GOP’s advantage in the Virginia House of Delegates has come to a screeching halt with Republicans holding on to a slim 51-49 majority thanks to both a lottery-style drawing won by the Republican incumbent in one district’s tied election and now a Friday ruling by a federal judge rejecting Democratic requests for a new election in another district.

AP report cites the ballot mistakes in which 147 voters were given the wrong ballot. Because of this, Democrats were hoping to pass a new voting in the 28th district but judge T.S. Ellis III broke their plans on Friday by stating that “garden variety irregularities” in voting do not necessarily merit federal court intervention in state elections.
Democrat Joshua Cole lost the elections of the Republican Bob Thomas by a mere 73 votes.

“An election has got to have a beginning and an end,” said Michael Matheson, an attorney for local election officials who believe they acted in good faith and there was no need for a special

However, instead of entirely dismissing the case, Ellis rejected a preliminary injunction request that would have reportedly ordered a new election. If more evidence is presented the judge could order the elections to be repeated but she fears that the whole process will take much more than she has seen so far.

The majority of the Republicans enjoy their control in the House of Delegates. And this will be a nice check to the newly elected Democratic governor.

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