Democrats in Maine Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation a Crime

Democrats in Maine Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation a Crime

In theory, cultural diversity is a beautiful thing — nobody has a problem with welcoming the variety of language, art, attire, food, music, and benign traditions to be found around the world. In practice, though, it’s become a nightmare.

The Portland Press Herald reports that on Thursday, the Maine House of Representatives voted against creating a new crime of “female genital mutilation.” Instead, there will be an “education and outreach” program to discourage the barbaric act in immigrant communities.

Yes, really:

“I do not believe that it is happening in the state of Maine. I truly do not believe that,” said Rep. Lois Galgay Reckitt, D-South Portland. “And I believe if it was happening, it would be prosecuted vigorously by the federal (laws) or by the abuse statutes in this state.”

But Rep. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough, said that since introducing the bill she has heard from numerous people in Maine – including some in the medical field – with personal stories about seeing female genital mutilation.

The Maine DHHS recently issued guidelines clarifying that all “mandatory reporters” of child abuse – such as doctors, child care providers or teachers –must report suspected incidents of the practice, which is often called FGM. Yet Sirocki pointed out that the Maine Prosecutors Association, representing district attorneys in the state, supported elevating the practice to its own felony crime because some prosecutors question whether it is “aggravated assault when the parents and the children consent.”

“I think this illustrates clearly that we need to have clear law in Maine on this issue,” Sirocki said.

But never mind that…”education and outreach” should be enough, right?

Those programs would include support networks for victims of the practice as well as “culturally sensitive professional training.”

“We all share the same goal, and our shared goal is we don’t want female genital mutilation to happen,” said Rep. Charlotte Warren, D-Hallowell, who noted Talbot Ross’s amendment had the support of national policy groups, victims advocates and the immigrant community.

No, Rep. Warren, it appears we most certainly do not all share the same goal.

Behold the madness of the Left and their idea of multiculturalism. Society cannot take a clear stand against violently mutilating the bodies of little girls against their will, because to liberals, it’s an article of religious faith that all cultures are equally valid — and any suggestion that some might be less decent or civilized than others amounts to heresy.

Who are Americans to say we’re any better? they think, Why, sometimes women in the United States have to pay for their own contraception!

But the truth is, not all cultures are interchangeable. Not all traditions are equal. And if this issue doesn’t prove it, nothing will.

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