Democrat Jerry Brown Won’t Acknowledge Trump as President – Tells UN ‘America is Not Run by Donald Trump’

Democrat Jerry Brown Wont Acknowledge Trump as President Tells UN America is Not Run by Donald Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown’s behavior is escalating after he first said Trump supporters are dwellers, and then added that Trump is not in charge of America at all. United Nations the U.S. is not run by Trump.

After speaking at the UN Assembly, Brown promised to oppose the President on his climate change agenda and aspirations for the future. Trump’s stand on the issue.

“America is not run by Donald Trump. Even California is not run by Jerry Brown,” he said. “We are a country of diverse power centers and mobilizing those power centers that are not controlled by the president is still a very worthwhile goal and very powerful.”

In addition, Brown noted, “real power” is rooted in mayors, governors, presidents and company CEO’s, not only in Trump himself.

“We are not a top-down, one center of power dictating to everybody else,” he said.

Brown opposed Trump on various issues, much like any other democrat right now, and was most vocal during the repeal of the Paris climate change agreement, when the POTUS decided the agreement was a huge waste of money and American would only suffer under it.  Therefore, Trump pulled away, leaving the left shocked.

Brown, who has been working to recruit local governments to join him planned several climate-change events this week and speaking at one in New York City on Monday, he mocked the president’s supporters, Politico reported.

“They’re both kind of very similar,” he said. “You should check out the derivation of ‘Trump-ite’ and ‘troglodyte,’ because they both refer to people who dwell in deep, dark caves.”

He wasn’t planning on holding back from bashing Trump anytime soon:

“It would be great if the president would join the movement. He’s not there yet,” he said. “He believes this whole thing that we’re talking about, what all the scientists are publishing thousands of papers, is all a hoax. And it’s a hoax invented in China. He believes that.”

Brown found like-minded people in, where else but New York. However, the Twitter rant told a completely different story. Have a look:

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