Dem Senator Covers Tracks to Hide Private Flights Paid with Taxpayers Money

Dem Senator Covers Tracks to Hide Private Flights Paid with Taxpayers Money

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill found herself in midst of a massive controversy after she used a private plane for her reelection campaign. Also, she tried withholding facts on just how often her family uses flights to get things done.

As we learned, McCaskill demanded that her husband “sell the damn plane” after she received the backlash for boarding a plane in the first place, the worst thing about it is that all money for the trip was covered by taxpayers funds.

This is not the end of it as she purchased another plane, which cost twice as much as the first one.

Now, in light of the 2018 elections, McCaskill is parting ways with her luxuries and is paying for everything out of her own pocket.

‘The company that the senator hired to fly her 2009 Pilatus PC-12/47E contacted the Federal Aviation Administration in April to ask that the tracking information on that aircraft be hidden from the public,’ wrote Beacon, based on email s provided through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Prior to this, it had been quite difficult to sweep flight information under the rug, and even required a “certified security concern” but we only have President Obama to blame for “making the aircraft blocking process as simple as possible.”

As per a spokesman for the FAA this is a non-traditional approach, where aircraft owners don’t want flight information shared.

Reports state that McCaskill used the private airplane during her 2012 campaign and cost the economy almost $21,000 for it.

The plane is a property of McCaskill’s TLG Aviation LLC and managed by Aero Charter, who also wanted flight information blocked back in April.

Finally, a $1,000 donation to McCaskill’s campaign was made by a leading executive at Aero Charter.

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