Dem Sees McCain’s Pro-Obamacare Vote, Has Sick “Diagnosis”

Dem Sees McCains Pro-Obamacare Vote Has Sick Diagnosis

In a disturbing move to push his liberal health care agenda, Pennsylvania Democrat Rep. Matt Cartwright publicly announced that Sen. John McCain would vote “no” on a bill that would repeal and replace Obamacare due to his recent brain cancer diagnosis.

According to Fox News Insider, Cartwright made the comments during a town hall meeting at a rural Pennsylvania community college during a town hall meeting.

The Washington Examiner reported that Cartwright  criticized McCain after the Arizona senator publicly announced opposition to the new repeal and replace bill, called the “Graham-Cassidy Bill.”

“McCain I’m worried about,” Cartwright said. “Also, because the governor of Arizona came out in favor of the Lindsey Graham-Bill Cassidy Bill, so that puts pressure on McCain.”

“But, man, something tells me McCain, he’s staring death in the face right now, so he’s probably going to make good choices and he’s not going to bend to political pressure,” Cartwright said.

While Cartwright probably didn’t realize the consequences of his disturbing words, McCain’s daughter was the first to condemn the representative.

In a post on Twitter, Meghan McCain called Cartwright’s statements “disgusting and macabre.”

Cartwright later apologized in a Twitter post of his own, saying his words were “insensitive.” “I wish him a speedy and full recovery,” his statement concluded.

Several other groups and individuals, including conservative group America Rising PAC, joined in attacking the Democrat.

“For Congressman Cartwright to callously use the illness of an American hero for political reasons is both outrageous and offensive. Senator McCain deserves an immediate apology from the Congressman,” said the PAC’s Executive Director Alexandra Smith, according to The Hill.

However sorry Cartwright says he is, an apology will never take back the horrible words he said, nor the fact he used someone’s serious illness for political gain.

But Democrats gotta do what Democrats gotta do.

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