Dem Party Official Says Alexandria Shooting Was “Funny”

Dem Party Official Says Alexandria Shooting Was Funny

A leading Democrat Party official in Nebraska has come under major fire after a jaw-dropping statement in which she used the word “funny” to describe the reaction of Republicans who witnessed the Arlington shooting on Wednesday.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton — head of the Democrat Party’s Black Caucus in the Cornhusker State — used the shooting to disrespect and mock grief-stricken Republicans over gun control, implying that she found their reactions humorous.

“Watching the congressman crying on live tv abt the trauma they experienced. Y is this so funny tho?” Gentry-Tipton wrote in a Facebook post about the Arlington shooting.

Later in the same thread, she added that, “The very people that push pro NRA legislation in efforts to pad their pockets with complete disregard for human life. Yeah, having a hard time feeling bad for them.”

It didn’t take long for party leadership to ask for Gentry-Tipton’s resignation, which she has thus far refused to provide. In a separate Facebook post, she kind-of-sort-of apologized for her comments on the Arlington shooting but fell back on three reliable liberal talking points to excuse herself: 1) You took me out of context, 2) I’m the real victim here, and 3) If you’re not black, you don’t really understand.

“As a victim of gun violence, I understand that today’s events are deeply troubling. I don’t condone or find the humor in what happened,” Gentry-Tipton said in response to Nebraska Democrat Party chairwoman Jane Kleeb’s request for her resignation, according to the Washington Times.

“I do however, see that misconstrued statements are more easily interpreted as damaging to those that want to believe them to be. There was context to what I said. I would have loved to discuss this context with you but you chose to act in haste, without consideration for my point of view and I am quite sure without receiving all of the information. This is troubling.

“It’s also troubling that gun violence affects the black community in a way that you clearly don’t understand and you are slow to react,” she added. “What you choose to react to is some gossipy snippet of what I said and then call for my resignation.”

Yes, that “gossipy snippet” in which she called the pain of those who just witnessed a politically motivated attack on their colleagues “funny.” That’s a bit like Richard Nixon saying that lawmakers shouldn’t pay attention to the “gossipy snippet” in the Oval Office tapes when he suborned H.R. Haldeman to help cover up the Watergate burglary.

Also, I’m really impressed that she managed to work white privilege into this. She went online to tell the world she found the grief of shooting survivors to be heee-larious because they were Republican, and then very solemnly noted that those showering her with opprobrium simply didn’t get it because of their paucity of melanin. Nadia Comaneci couldn’t handle those sorts of contortions.

For her part, Kleeb has maintained that Gentry-Tipton needs to go. “Anyone who commits violence against anyone is wrong,” the party chairwoman said on Thursday. “Anyone who makes insensitive comments about gun violence is wrong. For me that’s the end of the story.”

The fact that even need be said in 2017 indicates there is a deep crisis of humanity among the Democrats. Gentry-Tipton wasn’t the only liberal public figure who managed to reveal a frightening depravity of character in the wake of the Scalise shooting — and, surprisingly, she wasn’t even the worst.

She is, however, the only one to do so who is also a major functionary in the Democrat Party hierarchy (at least, so far). If the Democrats are really serious about refusing to have those who would countenance acts of violence among their ranks, Gentry-Tipton is one toxic element that needs to be removed.

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