Dem Congressman Accused of Sexual Harassment Files Lawsuit Against Accuser, Blaming her for Drug Addiction

Dem Congressman Accused of Sexual Harassment Files Lawsuit Against Accuser Blaming her for Drug Addiction

Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green faced severe accusations regarding his sexual misconduct with a staffer, of whom he noted was a substance abuser. The entire thing resulted in Al Green filing a lawsuit against the staffer after she threatened to go public with the story.

As she pointed out, she worked in a hostile environment and faced sexual harassment on Green’s behalf.

The woman in question, Lucinda Daniels, wanted a total of $1.8 million in compensation. After this, Green filed a lawsuit, noting she used the narrative to cause panic in him, in midst of an existing sexual harassment epidemy.

“Daniels has threatened to go public with her complaints if the Congressman does not per her money. Green has done nothing wrong and refuses to pay ‘hush money’ just for political expediency. Green will not be extorted or blackmailed by Daniels. He will not be the victim of a shakedown by Daniels and her agents. Green demands vindication of his actions and now sues Daniels for declaratory judgment relief relating to her workplace allegations and her quest for money,” state documents filed by Green in federal court back in 2008.

As per Green, Daniels once accidentally called him while purchasing cocaine, an evidence he’s holding on to in case the case escalates.

“Daniels is heard ‘snorting’ the cocaine immediately before questioning whether it was ‘cut’ with some other substance and being assured that it was “straight off the ki[lo] … Daniels asks for the purchase price of the drugs, which she calls her ‘Tuesday special’ price. In response, the drug dealer sells her the drugs for $40,” as heard from the recording.

Green said Daniels “act[ed] sluggish at work as though under the influence of drugs” and “slurr[ed] her speech as if under drug influence.” He claims she fell “asleep on the phone in the middle of telephone conversations with staff and the Congressman” and had “a general appearance of incoherence at times due to apparent drug use.”

Green even suggested Daniels undergoes treatment for her addiction, to which she “claims the Congressman retaliated against her in the workplace because of her gender and because she refused additional romantic requests.” Green rejected her claims as false.

A statement was released by Green’s office, commenting the Daniels case:

“In the present climate, we wish to jointly quiet any curious minds about our former and present relationship with one another. We are friends and have long been friends. At an unfortunate time in our lives, when both of our feelings were hurt, we hastily made allegations and charges against one another that have been absolutely resolved.

This matter has been resolved without payment of any money or transfer of any consideration of any kind by either of us to the other. As friends, we have both agreed that we see no need to make further statements regarding this absolutely resolved matter.”

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