Dashcam Shows Brutal Truth Behind Highway Slaying

Dashcam Shows Brutal Truth Behind Highway Slaying

Newly released dashcam footage from a police shootout with a now-deceased thug that transpired three years ago in Atlantic City, New Jersey, has put to rest claims by some that the perpetrator had been an innocent angel who deserved better than to be “murdered” by the authorities.

Released this week by the Atlantic City Police Department, the footage begins with police chasing thug Antoquan T. Watson, 27, through an intersection in the city’s famous outdoor shopping mall.

Upon being hit by another vehicle, Watson’s car spins out of control before coming to rest right in the dab center of the street.

It’s at this point that he exits his vehicle with a gun in hand and proceeds to step away from it while pointing his weapon at the police and opening fire as well, as reported by New York station WCBS.

Because of Watson’s insane behavior, authorities clearly had no other choice but to fire back in force, lest either one of them or an innocent bystander by hurt.

Therefore, it’s no particular surprise that an autopsy conducted this March revealed that he sustained a whopping 45 gunshot wounds during the altercation three years ago; an altercation that, as a reminder, he himself had provoked.

To see the footage, please click here.

According to station WNBC, the perpetrator’s behavior began far before the climactic showdown pictured in the dashcam footage.

In fact, it started around 11:30 a.m. at a restaurant in nearby Pleasantville, where a drunk Watson reportedly pointed his firearm at the ceiling, prompting concerned customers to report him to the authorities after he left approximately one hour later.

When an officer approached his vehicle outside the restaurant shortly thereafter and demanded that the drunk thug roll down his windows and slowly get out, he instead chose to drive off and initiate a chase. During that chase he reportedly hit speeds as high as 85 mph and fired at least one shot at the authorities.

It should now be clear to anyone with some commonsense that Antoquan T. Watson died a just death, in that his own behavior precipitated the events that led to his ultimate demise.

In other words, he wasn’t a victim — he was a thug, period.

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Source: conservativetribune.com