Damning Obama Footage From 1995 Surfaces – He Never Wanted This Coming Out…

Damning Obama Footage From 1995 Surfaces He Never Wanted This Coming Out

Almost every politician has a terrible part of his history
However, as for former President Barack Hussein Obama, his part is too big.

In his eight years of presidency, he has chosen a lot of bad policies that ended up in ruining the country.

The worst part is that over the years, he separated America among racial groups even more. He can’t be compared to any president of his past and certainly not with our current president, Donald Trump. Most of the time, Obama denounced the white people which resulted in hatred from the rest of the minority groups.

As for his past, one footage was published from 1995. The video shows that Obama was racist even before he stepped into the office and that is 23 years ago.

During his speech in the video, Obama explains that at the time when he was a kid, he believed that “any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” referring to as they were all racist.

Furthermore, he even used the “n-word.” He clearly has some racist opinions going inside of his head. After this video surfaced it should be clearer that even after 23 years, Obama stayed the same, if not even worse. He is responsible for the biggest racial division in the United States.

Now, President Trump is working hard to reverse the damage done by Obama. So far, we’ve seen success in the economy and security of the country. Sadly, the racial inequality is damaged too much by Obama and Trump is facing a tough task. However, our hope is with him, especially after we’ve seen what he has done in only one year.

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