Dad Left Stranded in Vacation Spot. Mom and Four Kids Forced to Fly Home Alone Meet ‘Angel’ on Flight

Dad Left Stranded in Vacation Spot Mom and Four Kids Forced to Fly Home Alone Meet Angel on Flight

Travelling out of the country is one of the most stressful things to do. Making sure that you have everything you need, especially all the documents, is incredibly important.

One family from Maryland thought they had everything taken care of on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic. The lovely trip went by too quickly, and it wasn’t long before they were longing to be back by the pool.

Fanya and Donal O’Donoghue took their four boys to Punta Cana for a getaway. Things got really intense as they were at the airport ready to head home.

Donal is Irish, but holds a green card for the United States. Unfortunately, when packing, Donal made a grave mistake.

Instead of grabbing the valid green card, he accidentally took one that had expired. He was not allowed to board the plane to return home.

That left Fanya to control her four sons ages 7, 5, 5, and 10 months, on the long flight home.Thankfully, the Southwest airline employees went above and beyond to make sure the family was okay.

The gate attendant gave Fanya and her boys priority boarding, and even held the plane for 30 minutes in hopes that Donal would be allowed on the flight. After they couldn’t wait any longer, the plane had to take off.

That’s when Fanya met the woman that she would later describe as an angel. Flight attendant Yolette went above and beyond to make sure the O’Donoghues were comfortable.

After chatting, Yolette revealed that she would be heading back to Punta Cana the next morning. The women came up with the ultimate plan to get Donal home.

Fanya would go home and get Donal’s valid green card, and bring it back to Yolette. The flight attendant would take the card back to the Dominican, and deliver it to a waiting Donal.

The plan was perfect, and the father of four was able to return home much faster than he would have any other way. The whole family was blown away at how willing Yolette was to step in.

Fanya took to Facebook to rave to Southwest about their incredible employee. Yolette is an inspiring woman who went above and beyond her job description to help a family in distress.

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