Dad Films Adorable Toddler After Run-in With Purple Marker. Her Excuse Will Leave You in Stitches

Dad Films Adorable Toddler After Run-in With Purple Marker Her Excuse Will Leave You in Stitches

Pablo Picasso had his blue period. Hailey Hummel, it seems, is in a purple stage.

But while Picasso made his paintings on canvas, Hailey decided to place her work in a more readily available spot. The small child created her work on her body.

The results? Arms covered in purple marker up to well above her elbows, and a face also smeared with purple marker.

The arm work is reminiscent of silk gloves one might wear with an elegant evening gown. The face? Well, that’s a little harder to interpret.

“Were you trying to look like Barney?” Dad asked her in a video that has now gone viral. “No,” Hailey replied.

It is a reasonable question. Others have suggested that she is now “The Purple People Eater” from the well-known song.

Rod Hummel was taking care of his three kids: Hailey, Jake, and Ethan. He set up Hailey and Jake with paper and pencil to draw while he helped Ethan with his homework.

“I thought I had confiscated all of the markers,” he later said on Facebook. “I was wrong.”

Soon Dad discovered what Hailey had really been doing with her drawing time. He calmly questioned the adorable girl as she stood before him in a pink tank top with blonde curls framing her large eyes and marked up face.

Why did she do it, he wondered. “Mommy said I could color my own body,” she responded.

That answer got a laugh out of Dad, and others are also in stitches. “Mommy got thrown under the bus once again!” her mother, Sara Walker Hummel, joked on Facebook.

Many are applauding Dad’s reaction of laughter rather than anger. “I love this,” one woman commented on Facebook. “Good to see a parent just letting his daughter be purple.”

It took Dad an hour of scrubbing to get the purple marker mostly off of the young girl; there is still a faint purple hue on her face. In a photo Dad posted on Facebook, we see Hailey’s back as she sits in a large soaker tub filled with sudsy purple water.

Hailey may not realize it now, but this story will be with her for life. As one woman commented on Dad’s Facebook page, “From now on, I shall call this baby Violet.”

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