Dad Cuts Park Grass After City Refuses to

Dad Cuts Park Grass After City Refuses to

When Adam Edwards, 35, took his son and some of his friends out to the park to play soccer, they discovered the grass had not been cut for weeks and was too tall to kick a ball around. That’s when Edwards decided to head home and get his personal lawnmower, and pick up the slack left by the city.

According to Lincolnshire Live, Edwards is a resident of Grimsby in Lincolnshire, England, and he is proud of his city, except the recent budget cuts meant that the beautiful and historic Weelsby Woods park had been neglected by the local government.

When Edwards and his 9-year-old son, Harry, arrived at the park to play a game of soccer, they were frustrated upon seeing the height of the grass.

“My son said: ‘We can’t play on this, it’s ridiculous,’” Edwards told the news outlet.”I said to him: ‘Shall I go and get the lawnmower?’ And he said ‘yes!’ So I came back home and stuck it in the car. My wife found it hilarious.”

Edwards said this was the second time he had to resort to this “drastic” action, but also stated, “I made sure I left the grass cuttings there so I couldn’t be done for stealing.”

To make matters worse, once Edwards returned the following week he was astonished to see that the grass still hadn’t been cut and was now measuring about 8 inches high.

“I have never seen it this bad before. It’s almost turning into a field now – it’s just upsetting,” he said. “I find it quite disgusting myself that they have cut back in certain areas which affect the public and children’s activities.”

According to Lincolnshire Live, the city council made drastic budget cuts earlier this year and that affected the grass cutting schedule for public areas.

“As reported in April, grass cutting across the borough is now being done every month rather than every 10 working days because of the pressures placed on our budgets due to ongoing government spending cuts to local councils,” city Councillor David Watson told Lincolnshire Live.

Edwards said that the grass was so tall it was becoming difficult for dog owners to clean up after their pets. “They should look at the bigger picture. The town is starting to look very untidy and there seems to be fewer people going to Weelsby Woods now,” he added.

“Weelsby Woods is a proud place for the town – it’s where the Polish army debunked after the Second World War,” Edwards said. “It’s a shame people are having to take it upon themselves to do this. It’s a simple thing to sort out in some respects.”

North East Lincolnshire Council thanked Edwards for mowing the area to allow the children to play, according to the Grimsby Telegraph, but warned others not to follow suit.

“We would like to thank the man for taking it upon himself to cut the grass but we wouldn’t encourage others to do the same,” Watson said. “We’ve had problems with some of our mowers and this has led to delays in cutting the grass in some of our parks. The grass in Weelsby Woods is usually cut every 10 days but hasn’t been cut by us since June 8 and has shot up in that time.”

Watson added that normal service to the park will be resumed shortly.

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