Crowd Completely Loses It After Camera Starts Panning Toward the Roof During National Anthem

Crowd Completely Loses It After Camera Starts Panning Toward the Roof During National Anthem

When President Donald Trump took the field at the college football national championship game Monday, he was received with a mix of cheers and few boos.

Trump wasn’t fazed.

He walked out with members of the Georgia ROTC before the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide game to participate in the performance of the national anthem, according to The Daily Caller.

Trump put his hand on his heart and soldiers saluted. Leftist pundits from The Washington Post and CNN of course used the opportunity to bash Trump, saying the video footage shows that he doesn’t know the words to the national anthem, and saying he was their for purely political reasons.

“Trump’s presence at the game was already in and of itself a cynical political move… the President had already been exploiting football for political gain by harping on the issues he tries to make about patriotism or national identity, but that any thinking person can see are truly about barely obscured racism,” wrote CNN’s Jill Filipovic.

“Does Trump know the words to the entire first verse of the national anthem?” The Washington Post’s Eugene Scott wrote.

The audience, however, was focused on something else entirely.

Specifically, the crowd went wild at the sight of America’s men and women in uniform.

As reported by The Caller, the top display of the stadium exploded into a live video of service members at attention.

Take a look at the video below. The cheering takes place a little after the three-minute mark.

(Expand video to the full size by clicking on the bottom right corner.)

The crowd’s reaction to the folks in uniform might be the most encouraging thing I’ve seen in a long time regarding America’s future.

It shows that no matter how many divides there are between the left and the right, the vast majority of Americans can rally together to support those who risk their lives to defend our freedoms.

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