Couple Steal Hearse, Dump Body That Was Inside

Couple Steal Hearse Dump Body That Was Inside

Authorities in Bryan, Texas, found themselves investigating a strange case when they were notified of a hearse that had been stolen from a McDonald’s parking lot.

KCEN-TV reported that the driver of the hearse stopped at the restaurant to get something to eat, but when he returned to get in the vehicle, it was gone. The Brazos County Sheriff’s office responded to the McDonald’s in Bryan for a report of the stolen vehicle and later recovered the vehicle — but not the body it had been carrying.

Adam Crow, 27,  and Tanya Albrecht, 28, were arrested in connection with the theft — and Albrecht was additionally charged with abuse of a corpse.

A delivery truck driver who reportedly saw the body and gurney on the side of the road called police around 7:00 Friday morning, KCEN reported.

The body was returned to the funeral home.

The Bryan Eagle reported that police arrested the couple in connection with the case Friday afternoon.

Albrecht initially told detectives that the hearse driver had give her permission to borrow the vehicle, according to a police report cited by The Eagle. She told police she ate at the restaurant and asked several people to drive her home, adding that the driver eventually offered her a ride.

When police showed Albrecht a photo of the body on the roadside, she reportedly became emotional and asked them not to show her the picture again. She added that she was set up but offered no explanation of how or why.

She then said she didn’t care about “dead people and has no remorse, they are in a better place,” the court documents said.

Tossing a corpse on the side of a road is about as disrespectful as it can get. Hopefully, this couple will learn a little about respecting others while they serve time behind bars.

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