Couple Must Make Life-Changing Decision after Discovering 1-Year-Old They Adopted Has Family Secret

Couple Must Make Life-Changing Decision after Discovering 1-Year-Old They Adopted Has Family Secret

Adoption is an awesome, life-changing event. To give a child a loving and safe home is a beautiful gift.

Often a long and drawn out process, adopting a child is something you need to be confident in. It is not for the faint of heart, as there are often many twists and turns before everything works out.

A couple from Canada experienced the many twists and turns of adoption in 1997, when they decided to adopt from Romania. It took some navigating, but the couple returned home with full hearts.

Ron and Natalie Trecroce had always wanted children. After settling on adoption, the couple ended up at an orphanage in Arad, Romania.

The instant they met a little, malnourished 1-year-old, they knew she was meant for them. Her name was Rodica Lavinia Farcas, and the Trecroces started filling out the adoption paperwork.

This process, however, brought to light some interesting findings. The more time they spent with the little girl, the more they realized how poor of health she was in.

Poor Rodica was suffering from rickets, which is a severe softening of bones due to deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients. Poor health was not the only secret that the little girl had, though.

Upon further investigation, Ron and Natalie found out that Rodica was not an only child. The little girl had an older sister that was living in another orphanage somewhere.

After a long and hard search, the Trecroces found Rodica’s sister. Gianina Farcas was one year older than Rodica, and now Ron and Natalie faced a difficult decision.

The Canadian couple had to decide if the wanted to adopt Gianina along with Rodica. In the end they were excited to adopt both girls and reunite them.

Ron and Natalie then found out that Rodica and Gianina had six more siblings scattered throughout the country. Unfortunately, the couple was unable to locate any more of the siblings.

After being brought home, the girls’ names were changed to Sophie Gianina and Danielle Rodica Trecroce. Now young adults, the girls are both in college. They are so thankful that their adoptive parents gave them wonderful lives and opportunities.

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