Cosby Voices One Of His Popular Cartoon Characters As He Leaves The Courthouse

Cosby Voices One Of His Popular Cartoon Characters As He Leaves The Courthouse

Bill Cosby voiced a character from his popular cartoon series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids as he left the Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday night following the jury’s second day of deliberations in his sexual assault trial.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Cosby called out in the voice of “Fat Albert.”

The actor and comedian’s popular kids program ran from 1972 to 1985 on Saturday mornings and included cartoon stories, with many of the characters voiced by Cosby, followed by live action segments where Cosby, who holds a doctorate in education, offered life lessons.

Cosby, 79, faces, in effect, a life sentence if the jury convicts him of aggravated indecent assault.

Andrea Constand, 44, alleges that in 2004, Cosby invited her to his home, gave her drugs that incapacitated her and then touched her in sexual ways.

Cosby told police in January 2005, when the incident was originally investigated, that the relationship was consensual and that he gave her Benadryl pills after she complained of stress and trouble sleeping.

“I never intended to have sexual intercourse, like naked bodies, with Andrea. We are fully clothed. We are petting. I enjoyed it. And then I stopped, and I went up to bed,” Cosby said, according to the statement read to the jury from the police report.

The jury began deliberations on Monday night.

“On Wednesday afternoon, they asked to rehear Constand’s testimony about the night of the alleged assault. Jurors asked Wednesday evening to rehear testimony from the Cheltenham police detective who interviewed Cosby in January 2005,” CNN reported.

In 2005, Montgomery County prosecutors decided not to charge Cosby after determining they did not have enough evidence to prove a crime had occurred beyond a reasonable doubt.

In July 2015, prosecutors reopened the case after a judge unsealed Cosby’s deposition in a civil suit Constand brought in which he admitted obtaining Quaalude prescriptions in the past.

The civil case never went to trial, but Cosby paid Constand a financial settlement.

If the jury had come to a quick verdict in the current criminal case, that likely would not have boded well for Cosby, but the longer deliberations by the group — made of up seven men and five women — means some of the members apparently still harbor reasonable doubts about the star’s guilt.

If the jury finds Cosby guilty, he faces up to 30 years in prison.

If no verdict is reached, a hung jury, prosecutors can decide whether to retry the case or allow Cosby to go free.

Finally, if the jury finds him not guilty, Cosby can walk out of the courtroom a free man. The statute of limitations has already run for each of the other known sexual assault accusers, though Cosby still faces multiple civil sexual assault suits.

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