Cops Could Be Forced to Take Transgender Sensitivity Classes

Cops Could Be Forced to Take Transgender Sensitivity Classes

Police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, may be punished after an officer “misgendered” a biological male who identifies as female, although there’s one slight problem — it wasn’t the cop who got the gender wrong.

Because no matter what a driver’s license claims, or what a driver tells an officer, the evidence of two human eyes — and millions of years of human history — is incontrovertible:

Men are men, and women are women.

But in 2017 America, that commonplace observation is actually controversial.

The latest round of gender lunacy to make the headlines comes compliments of the Sun-Sentinel, which reported this week that Fort Lauderdale police Officer James Brinton has been given a written reprimand after writing a ticket for a motorist who claimed to be a woman but is, by any sane definition, a man.

In the wake of the incident, the Fort Lauderdale Citizens Police Review Board also recommended all officers undergo “training” — mostly involving watching a 13-minute video.

Take a look at driver Shelby Kendall here.

Shelby Kendall

According to the Sun Sentinel, the review board discussed the traffic stop because Kendall had filed a complaint over Brinton’s behavior during their interaction. In short, Brinton had refused to identify Kendall as a woman while writing up the traffic ticket.

While Kendall’s license read “female,” Brinton thought it was a mistake. When the officer asked about it, Kendall replied it was correct. Kendall apparently identifies as a “female” despite all the obvious evidence.

Brinton wasn’t buying it.

“Well, for the purposes of this citation, you’re a male,” he replied, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Kendall’s complaint was a miracle of putting faith in bureaucracy over reality.

“If I’ve done everything I need to do for the state of Florida to recognize me as a female, he doesn’t have a right to purposely mis-gender me,” Kendall said, according to the Sun Sentinel.

The board agreed and recommended officers view the training video. The police watchdog group also suggested a letter of reprimand against Brinton.

Kendall appeared happy with that result.

“I just think the city is showing they’re willing to help others and make everyone feel welcome,” Kendall added.

Marc Dickerson, a board member, said the decision was “fair.”

“It’s a matter of training and the officers need training,” he said.

And here is the video training they’ll possibly be receiving:

My very first job was with Blockbuster, and I remember laughing my way through videos like these to train us on how to confront shoplifters and customers aggressively complaining about late fees. Blockbuster may have gone the way of Michael Dukakis, but it’s good to see the same bad actors and failed filmmakers are still getting work.

And if you think sitting through 13 minutes of that is too much, there’s another problem with the board’s decision: The police department has to agree to the training; the board’s recommendation isn’t binding. Even Brinton’s reprimand has to be signed off on by the city manager’s office.

Was Brinton’s comment rude? I wasn’t at the stop and can’t rightly judge. However, treating this “misgendering” as if it were something despicable simply isn’t going to wash. When you consider that Kendall doesn’t necessarily look female at all, you can see where the confusion came from.

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