Cop’s Been Dead 45 Minutes, but ER Refuses to Give Up. That’s When DR Tells Staff to Pray

Cops Been Dead 45 Minutes but ER Refuses to Give Up Thats When DR Tells Staff to Pray

A South Carolina police officer was in for the ride of his life when he experienced chest pain in late 2008. Ken Kirby was putting away Christmas decorations when he noticed the pain.

Tina, his wife, quickly called 911. Ken was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance.

At the ER, Ken had a massive heart attack. What followed was the most terrifying time of Ken’s life.

“He has heart rhythms that aren’t consistent with life,” said physician Edwin Leap. “He gets shocked. He gets shocked repeatedly. In between shocks, he’s getting CPR. He’s getting resuscitation, drugs, epinephrine, or adrenaline. He’s getting lidocaine for the heart rhythm. He’s getting magnesium. We give him thrombotic drugs, and he’s still in cardiac arrest.  This goes on and on and on with what I counted 11 episodes of defibrillation.”

Tina was horrified at what was happening to her husband. She was asked to leave the room so medical professionals could continue to work on Ken.

When Tina walked into the waiting room, she was touched by who she found. “Pastor, friends, church family, related family, my children, and everyone starts gathering around and we start praying, I mean praying,” she said.

Doctors told Tina that the outcome was looking grim. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing the love of her life.

Seeing that nothing was working, Dr. Leap looked at his staff and said a sentence that quite possibly altered the outcome of Ken’s life. He looked at his staff and told them, “We need to pray about this.”

The staff prayed as they continued to work on Ken. Incredibly, they were eventually able to detect slight cardiac activity.

Ken was transferred to another hospital where he went in for an emergency surgery. After a three-hour surgery, Ken was sent to recovery.

When Ken woke up, his wife and kids rushed to his side. He ended up only spending nine days in the hospital before returning home.

As a devout Christian, Dr. Leap loves to use Ken’s story to inspire other patients. “This is a person by all standard measures should have died, but he didn’t,” he related. “Not only did he not die, he physically survived and mentally survived and was talking the next day. I can’t imagine that this is nothing more than divine intervention. Now, were we a part of that because we prayed? I believe we were. We worked hard and believed that there was something happening here.”

And, of course, something did happen and Ken lived on. Thank God for skilled doctors and the power of prayer!

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