Cop Pulls Car Over After Running Red Light. Man Jumps out Holding Breathless Baby in His Arms

Cop Pulls Car Over After Running Red Light Man Jumps out Holding Breathless Baby in His Arms

Maybe you’ve been there — frantically racing someone to the hospital in an emergency, trying to avoid a collision on the way. Or maybe you’ve witnessed an aggressive driver speed past you and wondered the reason behind such erratic, dangerous driving.

And sure, oftentimes a red-light runner is just in a hurry to shave 30 seconds off his drive time, recklessly putting other drivers at risk. But on April 13 in Brownsville, Texas, one driver’s law-abiding ways went out the window during a frightening medical emergency.

A Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper was sitting at a red light around 8:00 p.m. when a blue blur whisked past his car and through a crowded intersection. The trooper’s dash cam captured the ensuing chase, which revealed the reason for the driver’s risky behavior.

Lights flashing, the trooper immediately chased down the vehicle. Once stopped, the trooper watched as the car doors flew open and two frantic adults ran his way, one carrying a baby in his arms.

“What’s going on?” the trooper is heard asking. The couple explained that their baby was choking, and the DPS trooper took immediate action.

He whisked the blue-faced 8-month-old into his arms and managed to dislodge whatever object was causing her to choke. After a tense minute of waiting, the baby unleashed a beautiful cry of life.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” the trooper said, comforting the panicked adults. It wasn’t long before Brownsville emergency responders arrived, who checked the baby who was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center.

According to KRGV, the baby was released from the hospital that same night, in good condition. The DPS Trooper has since been credited with saving her life.

As news of the trooper’s actions spread around the Texas area, a flood of people sent their heartfelt gratitude his way. “Police officers do so much lifesaving work — thank God we have them out there,” wrote one social media user on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Facebook page. 

“That is what State Troopers do,” wrote another. “Thank you so much!”

In what could have ended in devastation, we’re thankful for a happy ending for this family and the other drivers on the road that night. If that baby had been yours, would you have run the red light as well?

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