Cop Gets “Abusive” After Lady Locks Dog in Hot Car… Then the Video Is Released

Cop Gets Abusive After Lady Locks Dog in Hot Car Then the Video Is Released

In a town called Truth or Consequences, one woman learned the hard what what “consequences” are.

After a police officer responded to a call that a dog was locked inside hot vehicle outside a supermarket in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, he gave the owner a lesson she would never forget.

According KRQE, Officer Vincent Kreischer responded to a call about the dog in July, 2014. When Shelly Nicholas, the owner, came out of the Bullocks supermarket, the officer was standing there waiting to teach her a lesson.

“It’s 90 degrees and you keep a dog with no ventilation in there,” Kreischer said to Nicholas.

After Nicholas said the dog was only in the hot car for 10 minutes, the officer used a chart to determine that after just 10 minutes, it was 114 degrees inside the vehicle.

After Nicholas argued with Kreischer that the vehicle wasn’t that hot, the officer knew he had to find another way to get his point across to her while he wrote her a ticket for mistreating the animal.

“You can wait in the truck and close the door, you know, since it’s not that hot,” Kreischer said.

After she pitched a fit, he reminded Nicholas that if the vehicle wasn’t as hot as she claimed, she shouldn’t have any issues with getting inside without any air conditioning.

Nicholas subsequently called local news station KOB, telling them that she filed a complaint against Kreischer for “abuse.”

After looking into the “abuse,” KOB aired video footage of the situation that was taken from Kreischer’s lapel camera.

The truth quickly came out. Check out KOB’s coverage of the story here:

The video clearly showed Nicholas found it acceptable to leave her dog inside a brutally hot vehicle, yet she called the officer abusive who asked her to subject herself to the same conditions.

The woman lied to the news outlet about being “abused” by the officer when he did nothing but expose her unacceptable decision to subject her dog to potentially fatal conditions.

This story is a strong reminder of how important it is to treat your animals with the same respect you would like to be treated.

And the truth is, there are always consequences.

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