Cop Deaths Skyrocket 30%

Cop Deaths Skyrocket 30

The constant negative narrative against American police officers in mainstream media and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement seem to be taking its toll as 2017 has seen a 30 percent spike in police deaths since this time last year.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the number of police officers who have died in the line of duty increased overall by 30 percent since June 30 of 2016. In 2016, 50 officers had been killed by mid-year, as opposed to the 65 of this year so far.

Traffic-related fatalities were the leading cause of death, with 26 officers dying in the line of duty in collisions with other vehicles or when struck at the side of the road.

However, there were the 23 firearms-related deaths, two more than in the same period in 2016. Three of those were ambush-style attacks on unsuspecting officers who were likely conducting proactive policing work.

Sixteen officers died of various causes. Most disturbingly, two of those officers were beaten to death, one was poisoned and another was stabbed to death.

As disturbing as the year-to-year numbers are, the bigger story is the Black Lives Matter frenzy that began gripping the country after the shooting of street thug Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014. That led to a series of anti-police action nationwide, that’s included assassinations and attacks ever since.

The 2017 numbers are just the most recent manifestation of the anti-cop hysteria that marked the final years of former President Barack Obama’s time in office. Whatever the fluctuations in annual numbers are, a more dangerous society for police officers is going to be one of the lasting legacies of the Black Lives Matter movement — and Obama’s presidency.

The Memorial Fund’s president and CEO Craig W. Floyd released a statement in response to the findings in which he called on all Americans to do their part in protecting police officers.

“Officers have been targeted for the job they that they do, shot and killed or hit with vehicles,” he said. “I ask all of our citizens to do their part to protect our law enforcement heroes, as they continue to protect us.”

According to the Law Officer website, a recent FBI study titled “The FBI Assailant Study — Mindset and Behaviors” found that constant negative rhetoric in the media and the influence of social movements like the Black Lives Matter movement contributed to an increase in killings of police officers around the country.

Observers in the public arena have taken to social media and other online platforms to express the same opinion.

For many, the finger of blame was pointed directly at former Obama and the mainstream media for developing a veritable frenzy about reported police brutality.

It’s important to be clear that it’s not the idea of racial equality that many BLM supporters claim to be working for that is the problem. Further discussion on racial issues will be needed until everyone — no matter their color — is freely accepted and treated equally in this country.

In reality, it is the furious deluge of negative rhetoric by the mainstream media and movements like that of Black Lives Matter that police officers are the enemy of the black community that is the real problem. The black community is told that all police officers are angry, suspicious, intimidating machines who won’t hesitate to shoot you if you make one wrong move.

This simply is not the case. The majority of police officers do not desire to use their weapons in a deadly manner. The majority of police officers want to help, not hurt, the citizens they protect. It’s only when their lives are endangered that they are forced to take action.

A constant stream of lies about the police community has fostered an increased mistrust of the very people who are the defenders of the defenseless and seekers of justice. Unfortunately, the American public has been fed a diet of deception, and the blame for officer deaths sits at the feet of mainstream media for whipping this country into a frenzy.

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