Conway Destroys MSM… Calls Them Selfish

Conway Destroys MSM Calls Them Selfish

White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway knocked the mainstream media off their precious pedestal Sunday when she spoke honestly about the dishonest job they’re doing covering the Trump White House.

In an interview with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Sunday’s “Media Buzz,” Conway defended President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media and said Trump is being treated unfairly by too many journalists.

She then got to the heart of the problem with the media.

“I think the media spend too much time talking about themselves and covering issues they think are important to them or that they want the American public to focus on,” Conway said.

Conway said she had been paying attention to the media and their coverage of the president, and while not all outlets criticize the president, some still do. When they do that, they are making it all about themselves and not doing their job.

The White House adviser said the media should cover “what the Americans are telling the journalists, including in the media’s own polling, is important to Americans.”

“There are a few journalists out there who have really done a great job trying to get to know this president and his administration, his cabinet, his senior staff,” she said.

“And I think those folks are still doing what traditional journalism has always done, which is they’re trying to get the story. Others are trying to just get the president,” she added.

Boy, that’s the truth.

Conway knocked the liberal media off its pedestal in this interview by pointing out their narcissism.

While the media love to criticize the president, they cannot take him calling them out for their dishonesty. The media simply cannot handle the truth, and that’s sad, considering they are supposed to find and report it.

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