Comedian Goes After Trump Tax Cuts, Vanishes After Gutfeld Beats Him at His Own Game

Comedian Goes After Trump Tax Cuts Vanishes After Gutfeld Beats Him at His Own Game

An emotional outburst by comedian Patton Oswalt over the weekend wound up prompting a stream of replies from conservative political commentator and Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld so scathing that they eventually inspired Oswalt into scurrying away like a frightened kitty.

“Is there any going back after this #TaxBillScam?” Oswalt cried via Twitter on Saturday afternoon, hours after the Senate passed the GOP tax bill. “To America? Does it matter now if Trump is impeached? There’s no America now. Not the one we knew. Sorry, feeling real despair this morning.”

A couple hours later Gutfeld replied by mocking the comedian’s hysteria.

“(T)hese parody accounts have to try harder,” he wrote, the point being that progressives such as Oswalt invariably act so insane that it’s becoming difficult to parody them.

What followed was a lengthy back-and-forth exchange in which an immensely triggered Oswalt tried to lampoon Gutfeld for trying to be funny.

Apparently, only comedians are allowed to be funny:

Gutfeld never claimed to be a comedian. He simply poked fun at Oswalt for acting like a lunatic yet again for the umpteenth time.

When then President-elect Donald Trump held a press conference in January in which he blasted CNN as “fake news,” Oswalt flipped out. When Trump later authorized airstrikes against Syria last spring, Oswald flipped out again.

The point is that Oswalt — and many of his leftist peers, I might add — is an emotional wreck.

And as Gutfeld duly noted in a final tweet, the guy sure could use some help: See his tweet by clicking here(WARNING: Graphic Language):

Oswalt is screwed up, to use less foul terminology than Gutfeld’s tweet, in that he’s suffering from an especially acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

And obviously, the comedian’s syndrome keeps growing worse and worse the further along Trump gets in enacting his agenda to “Make America Great Again.”

It’s sad, really, but at least Gutfeld tried to help the poor chap. As of Monday morning, however, Oswald had never yet replied to the Fox News co-host’s final tweet — and had instead taken to again blasting Trump and his tax bill.


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