Is This Why CNN Won’t Let White Anchors Criticize NFL Players?

Is This Why CNN Wont Let White Anchors Criticize NFL Players

For the past few weeks, the United States has been debating whether or not professional football players should be required to stand for the national anthem, instead of sitting/kneeling as a form of protest.

Many liberal news outlets, like CNN, have defended the protesters and shouted down anyone who has spoken out against them.

Most recently, Symone Sanders, a political commentator for CNN, got into a heated argument with conservative pundit Ben Ferguson over the issue, The Daily Caller reported.

The exchange began when Ferguson tried to defend Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave a football game on Sunday after some players decided to kneel.

“You stand up and are one of those that are in charge of helping the military. You have a duty, an obligation to the President of the United States of America, to leave a situation where people were basically giving the middle finger to the men and women who fought and protect this country,” he stated.

That’s when Sanders let her trued racist tendencies be known.

“White people do not get to tell black folks or anybody else what is acceptable form of protest,” she told Ferguson.

So, because someone is white, that dictates what they can and cannot say? Does Sanders even know what the definition of a racist is? Because by most definitions the statement she said would make her one.

“Not everything’s about race Symone. Not everything is about race,” Ferguson tried to state, before Sanders cut him off.

“Maybe not for you is it, but for folks who are protesting police … the issue of policy brutality is absolutely about race,” she claimed.

You can watch the exchange here:

Actually, I’m pretty sure the NFL players protesting aren’t concerned about race, they are concerned about making sure they get their faces on TV and get as much coverage as possible.

Besides, haven’t these protests moved beyond police brutality? I thought they were now protesting President Donald Trump or racism in general, or income inequality or something like that.

I guess they can’t even keep track of what they are protesting anymore.

Ferguson is right — not everything is about race. Unfortunately, some people like Sanders are going to make everything about race because that is all they know how to do.

For some, it seems driving wedges between Americans is their ultimate goal — and that isn’t a worthy cause, no matter what they say.

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