CNN Host Deletes Twitter Account Because of “Harassment”

CNN Host Deletes Twitter Account Because of Harassment

When faced with taunts and bullying, grown men and women typically hold their heads up high and withstand the pressure like champions. But for CNN reporter Alisyn Camerota, that apparently was too much for her.

Much like an attention-starved child still suffering from the low confidence that accompanies adolescence, Camerota took to the internet Wednesday to publish a rambling column in which she announced her so-called “break-up” from the social platform Twitter.

When she first signed into Twitter nearly a decade ago, the platform pleasantly surprised her with “flower emojis and thoughtful comments.”

“Back then, it was still thrilling to check in with you every day to see how many new followers you’d brought me,” she wrote. “Those were the days.”

“But something’s happened to you,” she continued. “You’re a shadow of your former self, the one I was first attracted to. It’s no fun to be with you anymore. You’ve become mean and verbally abusive. In fact, you gross me out. You’re a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it’s acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously.”

And so, unable to cope with the criticism and “trolling” that stalks every public figure like a persistent shadow, including even President Donald Trump and his family, the aggrieved host has chosen to delete her account and permanently sign off the platform.

“So listen, Twitter, maybe sometime in the distant future, we can be friends again,” she concluded. “Maybe you’ll become more thoughtful, and I’ll be excited to see your icon on my screen again. But I’m not hopeful. Until then, I’m logging off, killing my account. And know this — I won’t miss you for a second.”

Cry me a river …

This is pathetic, as well as another stark reminder of why so few Americans take CNN seriously anymore. For a woman who voluntarily works for a network that spews offensive anti-Trump propaganda daily, offending millions of Americans with its glaringly partisan “coverage” of the news, Camerota has zero room to complain.

Let’s not forget that CNN is the same network where a former host once referred to Trump as a “piece of s***,” and where a contributor recently accused the Trump family of being “like a Mafioso.”

But obviously, there’s nothing innately wrong with Camerota leaving Twitter over the unjustified criticism and bullying she’s received. That being said, if a public reporter for the most distrusted news network in America can’t take the heat from backlash and criticism, then perhaps she should seek out a new job?

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