CNN Guest Mocks Sarah Sanders ‘Tiny Shriveled’ Soul, Then These Pics Surface and Proves them Wrong

CNN Guest Mocks Sarah Sanders Tiny Shriveled Soul Then These Pics Surface and Proves them Wrong

The media have become restless when it comes to not only attacking the White House and Trump’s administration but also treating Sarah Sanders as nothing but a vehicle for delivering messages to the President. Sarah herself has endured several vicious attacks by the left, and the latest in the row of nasty outbursts is crossing every line of decency.

LA Times’ columnist David Horsey first wrote, “Sanders looks more like a slightly chunky soccer mom who organizes snacks for the kids’ games.”

His comments were perceived as sexist, body-shaming and, well…dumb.

Horsey did apologize following his ‘episode’ but that didn’t prevent the LA Times from still releasing cartoon illustrations such as the one below:

It’s a downright disgrace!

Sarah Sanders’ communication with the media has caused for other outlets to comment, or shall we say, criticize, her appearance and context. Such is the example with Mika Brzezinski, who didn’t hold anything back.

“What’s wrong with her? Why does she do that job? How can she look in the mirror every day and say, ‘I am doing the right thing for the American people?’ Because you are not — you are not,” Brzezinski said.

“[S]he’s serving a function other than communication, which turns out not to be her forte,” NY Times columnist Frank Bruni wrote. “To listen to her pronounce ‘priorities’ is akin to hearing the air seep out of a flat tire, and she leaves half of the consonants on the curb.”

Then there were those on the Republican side, who didn’t hesitate to fire a shot or two (figuratively speaking, of course) at Sanders. Wonder who the man behind the mission is? Rick Wilson.

Take a look at his ‘moment’ during an interview with CNN:

“Her job is contingent upon her being a serial congenital liar in defense of Donald Trump’s latest outrages,” Wilson said on CNN.

“I mean, she probably has some like tiny, shriveled husk left in her soul where she realizes this is the wrong thing to do. But she does it anyway because otherwise, they’ll replace her.”

The entire drama currently revolves around the fact that Sanders didn’t apologize on Trump’s behalf regarding him name-calling Elizabeth Warren ‘Pocahontas,’ but only explained how things are.

below you will find series of images from Sarah Sanders at the White House’s Thanksgiving celebration, where she brought her 4-year-old son Huck.

The media might try and convince you this is a child who doesn’t enjoy being around his mother, but what truly happened is this was caught on camera at the same time that president and first lady were leaving to go to Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Townhall editor Katie Pavlich, who was on site, elaborated the liberal comments to perfection:

All in all, you know you did a good thing when you have the media buzzing about you…we know it, Sarah Sanders knows it and President Trump most certainly knows it the best.

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