CNN Guest Goes Off the Wall, Claims Trump Would Have Killed Jesus

CNN Guest Goes Off the Wall Claims Trump Would Have Killed Jesus

Do you think that President Donald Trump was right to end Barack Obama’s DACA program? Do you think that kind of program should only be implemented through legislation and not through executive action? Well, Sen. Edward Markey wants you to know that you probably would have killed Jesus, too!

In an off-the-wall appearance on CNN, the Massachusetts Democrat told host Chris Cuomo that by kicking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program back to Congress, the president was acting like Pontius Pilate and implied that like the Roman governor in Jerusalem, the president would have sent Jesus to the cross.

“Next topic: DACA. You are a veteran of the progress, or lack thereof, on this issue,” Cuomo asked Markey.

“What do you make of the president’s move, which, given in its best light is, ‘The courts were going to move on this anyway, this is your job, you’re supposed to make the law, not President Obama. I’m sending it back to you. Fix it’?”

Ah yes, “its best light.” There are so many strawmen coming out of CNN headquarters they should be giving hayrides. For his part, however, Sen. Markey played right along.

“The president is acting like Pontius Pilate. He’s just washing his hands of this mess knowing that these are all innocent young people who are caught in a crossfire,” Markey said.

“Rather than being presidential, rather than standing up and saying that he will be the leader… he’s just walking away. It would be far better if the president was saying that right now…be a leader and tell us what the solution should be,” he added.

I understand that Markey is from a state where the last three senators that aren’t him are Fauxcahontas, John Kerry, and that guy who drove a woman off a bridge. I don’t exactly trust voters there to make the best decisions. That being said, there’s so much wrong with Markey’s farrago of nonsense that it bears examination.

First, if Markey wanted to see leadership on a lasting solution to the quandaries created by illegal immigration, perhaps he ought to have told Barack Obama when he was president to put DACA through Congress instead of enacting it by executive order. As we’ve noted numerous times in these august pages, that which can be enacted by presidential fiat can also be undone by presidential fiat — and that still doesn’t erase the fact that under the Constitution, these issues are properly reserved for Congress.

If Markey didn’t complain then, he oughtn’t be whining like a stuck hippo on CNN now.

Second, the Pontius Pilate metaphor is meant to take aim at the fact that by giving those covered under DACA a six-month reprieve, the president is “washing his hands” of the matter. But again, that’s not what he’s doing at all — he’s giving Congress the ability to salvage a piece of a previous president’s practice that was almost certainly unconstitutional.

Instead of working with the president and the Republicans to find a solution, Markey has decided that the best route is the aforementioned whining like a stuck hippo about the fact that the president had the temerity to undo a policy that was enacted via executive order because Barack Obama couldn’t get it through Congress. Again, Markey is taking this up with the wrong president.

Third, I find it very interesting that Markey chooses to invoke the specter of Prefect Pilate and the defining event of Christianity in the same week when his party decided to openly attack a judicial nominee for her Catholic faith. While I’m fully aware of the tu quoque nature of this argument, I find it exceptionally curious how the Democrats are willing to embrace Christianity when it’s expedient while vigorously attacking those who, you know, actually believe in it and try to practice it in their daily lives.

Dare I call cultural appropriation on these shenanigans?

Finally, it’s worth noting that the reason why there “are all innocent young people who are caught in a crossfire” is because the Democrats have been cynically unwilling to deal with illegal immigration in any sort of substantive way for decades now, and are now trying to posit that the only way to deal with the problems created by their deliberate inattention to the matter is to do whatever the left wing of the Democrat Party says. That’s not how the legislative process works.

Instead of the fusillade of fundamentally unserious reactions from the Democrats over this — which have ranged from comparing the president to Pontius Pilate to establishing “Trump-free zones” in major cities — perhaps the party of Jefferson ought to suck it up and come to the bargaining table, just as they should have back when DACA was first imposed.

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