CNN Boycotts WH Christmas Party, But Sarah’s Priceless Comeback Is the Real Story

CNN Boycotts WH Christmas Party But Sarahs Priceless Comeback Is the Real Story

After being exposed for nearly a year for peddling falsehoods and fake news, one liberal network will be boycotting President Donald Trump’s White House Christmas Party.

As noted by New York Daily News, CNN announced Tuesday that it wouldn’t attend the event amid tensions between the network and administration.

“In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not feel it is appropriate to celebrate with him as invited guests,” a CNN representative told The Hill.

“We will send a White House reporting team to the event and report on it if news warrants.”

The party is scheduled for 2 p.m. Friday, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to miss CNN.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders trolled the network on Tuesday via Twitter by writing, “Christmas comes early! Finally, good news from CNN.”

Trump also joined in on the fun, where he replied to Sanders tweet by saying, “Great, and we should boycott Fake News CNN. Dealing with them is a total waste of time!”

CNN will likely continue to propagate this story as if it’s an attack on freedom of the press, but the network is actually proving that it can’t handle someone expressing a differing opinion.

Trump hasn’t limited CNN’s capacity or role at the White House despite its extreme bias and tendency to peddle fake news.

Whether its being forced to retract a fake news story that falsely connected Trump’s campaign members to Russian officials, or publishing a piece calling for the term “fake news” to be banned, the network has destroyed its own credibility.

Now, it’s just making things worse.

CNN throwing a temper tantrum and boycotting a Christmas party because Trump has called the network out for its blatant bias is quite comical and revealing.

Guess CNN will never know how many scoops of ice cream Trump has at the party.

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