CNN Anchors Cry, Have On-Air MELTDOWN After Trump’s “S**thole” Comments

CNN Anchors Cry Have On-Air MELTDOWN After Trumps Sthole Comments

The media’s reaction to President Trump using the word “sh*thole” to allegedly describe countries some immigrants was fleeing was swift, harsh, and … hysterical!

CNN anchors cried and went ballistic, as did anchors on MSNBC and other outlets.

In the hours after The Washington Post’s report surfaced, reporters and anchors on the major news networks called the president “evil,” a “neo-Nazi,” a “terrorist sympathizer,” a “danger” to non-white Americans, and so, so much more.

Here are some of the highlights:

Last night may have been the only time CNN was actually watchable. Absolutely hilarious!

While the media is acting “offended” by Trump’s comments, the truth is that most Americans actually agree with what the president said.

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