CNN Analyst Humiliated After Not Knowing Basic Economics Term

CNN Analyst Humiliated After Not Knowing Basic Economics Term

For the past several months, many of the journalists who cover the White House on a daily basis have jumped at the chance to criticize the Trump administration over things that President Donald Trump’s spokespeople have said.

On Monday, CNN political analyst April Ryan made a fool of herself on Twitter by trying to claim that White House spokesman Marc Short had made up a new word when talking about the economy, The Daily Callerreported.

“The Trump administration has 133 nominees waiting for a vote and we learned a new word in the briefing, ‘stagflation’!” she wrote in a tweet.

Actually “stagflation” isn’t new. Anyone who took a basic high-school level economics course would have heard the term before.

Even if that term wasn’t covered in economics, a basic Google search would have shown Ryan, who is the White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks, how wrong she was.

Stagflation refers to the combination of high inflation and high unemployment. It was a pretty common term during the Carter administration, but hasn’t been widely used in quite a few years (which is a very good thing).

Several Twitter users were quick to mock Ryan for her ignorance when it came to stagflation. While most people may not automatically know the term, a White House Correspondent really should know about it.

Rather than apologize for her mistake and move on, Ryan posted a tweet roughly an hour later trying to defend herself, but only made herself seem more foolish.

“Marc Short made a mistake and said stagflation instead of stagnation. Of course I have heard of that word over the decades!!” she wrote.

So, in the course of an hour she went from learning a new word, to claiming that she “of course” had heard of the word before. Sad!

Just admit it, Ryan. You messed up. You were so eager to make fun of the Trump administration that you couldn’t be bothered to take 30 seconds and make sure that “stagflation” wasn’t an actual word.

We really shouldn’t be surprised that Ryan ended up crashing and burning when she attempted to mock the Trump administration. After all, she works for CNN. That’s kind of what they do.

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