CNN Almost Faced Huge Lawsuit Over Its Fake News Story

CNN Almost Faced Huge Lawsuit Over Its Fake News Story

When President Donald Trump called CNN “very fake news” during a press conference, he wasn’t kidding. Now, it seems their penchant for fake news could have cost the network big time.

A report from the New York Post details how CNN may have faced a $100 million lawsuit over a fake story involving allegations that one of Trump’s top allies was being investigated for his financial ties to Russia.

The report, which relied on a single anonymous source, had claimed that Anthony Scaramucci — a Trump transition official — was being investigated for his ties to Russia. Scaramucci not only vehemently denied the report, but he also threatened to take legal action.

CNN quickly retracted the story and issued a rare public apology. Three staffers responsible for the story — reporter Tom Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau and CNN Investigates head Lex Haris — “resigned” over the report, although the story makes it very clear they were fired by the network.

“They called them in and said they’d pay out their contracts, but they should leave immediately,” a source told the Post.

Scaramucci, a financier who is a frequent guest on cable news channels, didn’t just get a retraction. He also got a public apology from CNN, something that’s a rarity for Donald Trump’s favorite punching bag.

However, Scaramucci has still retained one of New York City’s top lawyers in order to “look after (his) interests in this matter” and keep the pressure on the network.

The $100 million libel lawsuit wasn’t the only thing that CNN had to fear, though…