CNN ADMITS Trump Campaign Was Wiretapped – James Woods has PERFECT Response

CNN ADMITS Trump Campaign Was Wiretapped James Woods has PERFECT Response

If there are three words liberals hate more than just about any others it has to be “Trump was right.” and today they’re getting those three words crammed down their throats by just about every conservative pundit in the nation but especially by one.

Actor-turned-political-social-media-commentator James Woods is approaching one million followers on his twitter account and for good reason. Woods does his homework and consistently provides up-to-date and witty commentary on political news. With the recent revelations by the government that, once again, Trump was right – his campaign (Paul Manafort) was indeed wire tapped (possibly in Trump Tower, where he was living at the time), Woods is peeling the paint off CNN by using nothing other than the network’s own words. Woods has posted screen shots of CNN Politics tweets over the past six months of its coverage of the story:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

CNN, the internet has a long, long memory. That the Cable News Network has gone completely liberal and has an outright hatred of President Donald J. Trump is no secret to anyone. But CNN is now issuing stories and statements that are the complete and total opposite of stories and statements it ran a mere matter of months ago. Why?
Because the second anything hits the wires that’s anti-Trump, CNN immediately runs with it, properly vetted or not. Then when that vetting process is completed sometimes weeks or months later, and the story turns out to have been errant – it’s too late.

In their glee to publish anything that may tarnish Trump, CNN has tossed anything resembling journalistic integrity out the window. And it’s not just their Twitter. Here’s a screen capture from a live broadcast in March of this year:

Compare that with CNN’s statement last evening: “US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort under secret court orders before & after the election – CNN“

Embarrassing? Yes. Humiliating? Check. Will their be a retraction or apology to Donald Trump forthcoming? Not likely.

Shortly after winning the election Trump began going public with claims that his campaign head quarters (Trump Tower) had been wire-tapped by Obama in an effort to gain intel the Clinton campaign could use. The mainstream media, including CNN, went nuts and played the “unfit for office” card until it was worn out.

This story is as likely as not to grow. If “secret court orders” ordered the wire tapping of one person associated with the Trump campaign what are the chances others were tapped too? Most rational people would say, ‘likely.’ In which case we’re going to be hearing those three words plenty more times. Trump. Was. Right.

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