Clinton Posts Smug Tweet, Twitter Tears Her Apart

Clinton Posts Smug Tweet Twitter Tears Her Apart

When President Donald Trump announced his decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military, liberals came out of the woodwork to bash him as “anti-LGBT,” including Chelsea Clinton.

The former first daughter took to Twitter to express her thoughts about Trump’s transgender ban, suggesting that the decision was just another notch on an alleged anti-gay agenda in the Trump White House.

Clinton, however, obviously didn’t take into account that informed Americans are well aware of the Clinton family’s connections to governments and groups that regularly violate the rights of non-heterosexual people around the world, and they responded in full-force to her hypocritical tweet.

Clinton was commenting on a Washington Post tweet that called the president’s stance on lesbian and gay issues “confusing.”

“No,” Clinton tweeted. “President Trump has consistently failed to support LGBT equal rights, dignity & safety in the U.S. & around the world (e.g. Chechnya/Russia).”

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to jump on the golden opportunity to remind Clinton of her own family’s sordid history when it comes to this issue.

One user pointed out that Clinton’s mother, former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, once stood up for traditional marriage herself.

Several noted that Clinton’s mother had taken money from people who have punished or executed homosexual individuals for their sexual preferences.

In fact, the Clinton Foundation took tens of millions of dollars in donations from several Middle Eastern nations, such as Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is illegal and the “crime” of being gay can be punished with chemical castration, torture, imprisonment and death by public execution.

Funny how you don’t see Chelsea attacking her mother on Twitter for this obvious disregard for the rights, dignity and safety of sexual minorities.

It’s fine to disagree with the president on his policies, but before you start slinging mud, perhaps you should make sure that your own family hasn’t done exactly what you’re accusing Trump of doing.

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