Clinton Dump Reveals Botched Investigation

Clinton Dump Reveals Botched Investigation

The latest release of documents in the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of highly classified information when she was secretary of state reveal a new aspect of the scandal, and as one might guess, it’s not good.

The documents painted a picture of a “serious, but flawed investigation hindered by a lack of cooperation,” according to a report by Fox News.

The probe, nicknamed “Midyear Exam,” included several heavily redacted documents identified as “grand jury material,” which indicated the seriousness of the investigation.

One communication involved a back and forth subpoena exchange to the FBI from one of Clinton’s attorneys, Katherine Turner, a partner at the Williams & Connolly firm. Turner agreed to turn over one of Clinton’s non-secure Apple iPads and two of her BlackBerrys to the FBI.

However, neither smartphone received from the law firm contained SIM cards or Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, Fox reported. Moreover, a total of 13 mobile devices that the FBI said could have used the email addresses were never located by the law firm.

“We are presuming there are still 13 devices at issue. The new records show how badly the Obama Justice Department and FBI mishandled the Clinton email investigation,” Tom Fitton, president of the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, told Fox News.

This statement is disturbing on many levels, but it confirms what we’ve already known about the investigation — that it was badly handled by the FBI.

“They (the FBI) were played by Mrs. Clinton’s lawyers and didn’t care,” Fitton said. “The Trump Justice Department needs to audit this mess and figure out if the Clinton matters need to be reopened or reinvigorated.”

“Mess” is a perfect word for it.

There seemed to be sufficient evidence that Clinton broke the law, yet she has not had to answer for her actions.

Justice is supposed to be blind, but apparently not when it comes to Clinton.

That might change when a new FBI director takes over for former FBI Director James Comey. President Donald Trump’s choice for the job, former  former Assistant Attorney General Christopher Wray, has already appearedbefore the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of getting his nomination confirmed.

Two former FBI agents told Fox that they hoped that the atmosphere at the agency changes under a new director.

We hope the same.

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