Clinton-Appointed Judge Throws Out Lee Boyd Malvo’s Life Sentence

Clinton-Appointed Judge Throws Out Lee Boyd Malvos Life Sentence

Washington, D.C., sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, one of two killers who murdered 17 innocent men and women during a shooting spree in 2002, successfully used a Supreme Court precedent to convince a Virginia judge Friday that his life sentence should be overturned.

Malvo’s attorneys argued specifically that the Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. Alabama, which stated that sentencing juvenile offenders to life in prison without the possibility of parole is unconstitutional, applies in his case because he was only 17 at the time of the infamous D.C. sniper attacks.

U.S. District Judge Raymond Jackson, who was nominated to his post by former President Bill Clinton in 1993, agreed with the convicted killer, arguing that “Malvo was entitled to a new sentencing hearing because the Supreme Court’s ruling grants new rights to juveniles that Malvo didn’t know he had when he agreed to the plea bargain,” according to The Associated Press.

Malvo’s partner in the crime spree, a Muslim convert named John Allen Muhammad, was executed for his role in the killings in 2009.

This whole sad debacle just goes to show why the judicial appointments made by presidents matter so much — and how imperative it is that the American people elect leaders they can trust to make the right decisions.

Dovetailing back to Malvo, it seems clear Clinton nominee Judge Raymond Jackson made the wrong decision.

Thankfully, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring intends to “do everything possible, including a possible appeal, to make sure this convicted mass murderer serves the life sentences that were originally imposed,” according to a spokesman.

Note also that the ruling doesn’t vacate the killer’s convictions but just mandates that the courts in Virginia re-sentence him.

Moreover, The Washington Post reported that Jackson’s ruling only applies to the four life sentences Malvo received in Virginia and does not apply to the six he received in Maryland, though “(h)is Maryland lawyers are appealing in both state and federal court on the same grounds, and a hearing is set for next month.”

Let’s just hope the judge in Maryland who eventually receives his case — and who, hopefully, wasn’t nominated by Bill Clinton or any other liberal president — has more sense than Judge Jackson.

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