Church Has Sign So “Hateful,” LGBT Community Wants It Burned Down

Church Has Sign So Hateful LGBT Community Wants It Burned Down

A Christian pastor in Australia says militant gays and lesbians have disagreed so strongly with a sign his church posted that they’ve threatened to burn the church down.

Pastor John Gill of the Bellbowrie Community Church outside Brisbane said he received a surprising amount of hate after his church posted a sign that read, “God designed marriage between a man and a woman.”

“On Facebook, a lot of the stuff has been quite vicious at times,” Gill told the U.K. Daily Mail. “I mean quite physically threatening. That’s been scary for some in the church.”

“One of the comments, for example, was a suggestion that people bring petrol down and set the church on fire,” he said.

Gill said he was taken aback by the amount of hate the sign seemed to cause. In a blog post on the church’s website, he defended the sign’s message.

“The definition of marriage, is something the Bible speaks about, namely that marriage is not a human construct, but was designed by God in the beginning with a purpose, and is between a man and a woman,” Gill wrote. “This has been the norm for thousands of years, and has been the norm in Australia from the beginning.”

Tension is growing in Australia as the government is sending out postal ballots, due to be returned by Nov. 7, as part of a mail-in referendum asking Australians if homosexual marriage should be legalized. While the referendum is technically nonbinding, if the “yes” vote wins, legalization is likely to “sail” through parliament, according to The Economist.

Gill pointed out that Australians, no matter their faith or sexual orientation, are entitled to speak their minds. Anyone who disagrees with those views should still respect them, the pastor said, adding that people should never be attacked for their opinions.

Gill lamented the fact that the hate from the gay community made some members of his church fearful about expressing Christian viewpoints, but added that it was his role to tell people the word of God.

Apparently that is enough to make some people uncomfortable.

“Many of us have friends and family who are gay, and it is absurd to think we hate them,” Gill wrote on the blog.

“Christians do not see their opposition to re-defining marriage, as necessarily an anti-gay stance,” Gill concluded, adding that they are simply opposed to changing the definition of marriage of what God intended.

Gill summed it up quite nicely, but the reaction from militants in the gay community demonstrate that the left, while it claims to be  tolerant and accepting, has a nasty habit of not practicing what it preaches.

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