Christian Actor Kirk Cameron and Wife of 25 Years Make Stunning Announcement about Marriage

Christian Actor Kirk Cameron and Wife of 25 Years Make Stunning Announcement about Marriage

“Marriage is a covenant relationship between me, my wife and Jesus,” former Growing Pains actor, Kirk Cameron, once said in an interview with Christian lifestyle blog, Focus On The Family. “And there is no exiting out of that covenant relationship.”

Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, have been married for 25 faithful years while parenting six beautiful children. They first met while starring as sweethearts on the 80’s sitcom, but then made their love official off-set.

As believers in God, they have had their ups and downs like any other married couple but have always looked to their faith for support. “God defines the terms we don’t,” Kirk said.

Trusting in God is what has been the foundation of their union. Now, the celebrity sweethearts are sharing their best-kept secrets with other couples in need of marriage advice.

The Camerons made a stunning announcement in August regarding the launch of an online course called, “The Heart of Family: Six Weeks to a Happier Home and a Healthier Family.” Through lessons on forgiveness, parenting, and “God’s role in matrimony,” Kirk and Chelsea are hoping to mend failing marriages and broken homes.

“Our culture so badly needs strong marriages and families,” Kirk told CBN News. “It’s the DNA of a healthy country and a healthy world.”

Kirk has this theory that the key to a stronger nation and better community are healthier families. According to him, without faith in God, families, and society as a whole, fail.

Fans have already taken a liking to the idea. This will be the first collaboration between the husband and wife where they teach couples how to better serve one another.

“I think this is excellent,” said one Facebooker on Kirk’s post about the project. “This is information based on real life experience … Thank you Kirk and Chelsea Cameron for your willingness to open your lives up as a way to minister to others.”

By inviting strangers into their home, it’ll make the course even more personal. “So, we hope that “The Heart of Family” will both revive marriages and homes but it will also reinvigorate peoples’ faith,” Kirk stated.

The six-week course premiered on Aug. 21 and is still ongoing. Check it out and make sure to share this great news with families in need!

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