China and Canada Enact Anti-Hacking Treaty

China and Canada Enact Anti-Hacking Treaty

For the past several years, the global community has been struggling to find a solution to end the string of cyber attacks that have been conducted against numerous countries, and in some cases have ended up costing millions of dollars.

In the most recent development in the cyber attack world, China and Canada signed an agreement with each other not to engage in state-sponsored economic cyber attacks between the two nations, Reuters reported.

This agreement does not cover hacking for the purposes of intelligence gathering. Rather, the two countries agreed to not hack private businesses to steal technology or cause economic headaches.

Nothing like a nice written promise to stop what was essentially a shadow war. After all, hasn’t history shown us that nations never break promises they make to each other?

The Toronto-based Globe and Mail noted that some Canadian officials don’t expect this treaty to actually stop all the cyber attacks that China is conducting against Canada — they just want a piece of paper to be able to say that China, a burgeoning economic power, is violating the agreement.

“This is something that three or four years ago (Beijing) would not even have entertained in the conversation,” one official told the Globe and Mail.

“For us, having the commitment on paper is good because we can refer to it. The fact that we do this doesn’t mean we won’t be vigilant, but at the same time if things happen we can go back (to this commitment).”

CBC News noted that this agreement is part of liberal Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s push to deepen relations between the countries.

Well, at least we know that liberals in America aren’t unique in their blinding stupidity when it comes to international affairs and dealing with enemies.

Trudeau, an open fan of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, has proven over and over again that he has no idea how to protect his country from the world, and this pathetic excuse for a “treaty” is just the latest example.

This agreement won’t stop the hacking. What Canada should actually be doing is retaliating against the Chinese for any hacking that is conducted against Canadian businesses by the Chinese.

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H/T Breitbart