Childcare Workers Under Fire for Sick Thing They Did to Little Boy With Autism

Childcare Workers Under Fire for Sick Thing They Did to Little Boy With Autism

Child abuse is one of the most horrific, disturbing and cruel evils in this world. Although wicked wherever it occurs, abuse from those entrusted to care and help children is even more disturbing.

A video from a daycare in Winter Haven, Florida, has gone viral as it shows two daycare workers taunting and abusing an 8-year-old child with autism, WNYW reported.

In the video, which was shot by one of the workers, an African-American woman, identified as Kaderrica Smith, can be seen throwing a backpack at the child who is hiding under a desk. She even laughs when he cries “ow!” after the backpack hit him.

WTSP reported that the video was originally uploaded to the popular video-sharing app “Snapchat.”

You can watch the video by clicking hereWARNING: Content is disturbing.

The woman also causes the boy to fall down later in the video after performing a “leg sweep.” He lands on his back, and she and her partner, identified as Alexus Henderson, begin cackling again.

“They have had the training for the de-escalation of an autistic child, and then they treat the child like that?” Winter Haven Police Department Chief Charlie Bird stated. “There is no excuse.”

Thankfully these two sadistic human beings have since been arrested. Smith and Henderson turned themselves over to the police Thursday night.

Both have been banned from contact with children, including Smith’s three children. While Henderson did not actually abuse the child (at least not in the video) she is being accused of not lifting a finger to stop Smith.

The Washington Post reported that police were informed of the video on Sept. 1, and in an initial interview neither Smith nor Henderson expressed any remorse over what they did. In fact, they insisted they had done nothing wrong.

These people are truly disturbed. Hopefully they are sent to jail for a long time so they’ll never think about carrying out such cruel actions again.

It takes a special type of evil to pick on a child with autism, and the fact that these women showed no remorse for their actions shows just how twisted they really are.

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