Chicago Finally Gets Green Light to Exterminate Rat Infestation

Chicago Finally Gets Green Light to Exterminate Rat Infestation

The city of Chicago is overrun with an infestation of rats, so a pilot program was created to euthanize the pests in the most humane way possible. However, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals stepped in to stop the program, proving that they literally do not care about human life.

When the pilot program was announced in August 2016 as a response to the numerous complaints about rat infestation, the City Council approved the program, which would seek to kill rats using dry ice.

According to a report last year by ABC 7 Chicago,  the program would have sanitation “crews put dry ice directly into a rodent burrow” and cover the hole. This method would ensure the rats’ demise because, “As dry ice melts, it turns into carbon dioxide, suffocating the rats. Dry ice can be deadly to small animals at high concentrations.”

It was touted as the most humane way to fix the rodent problem, until PETA stepped in and said that the procedure was not approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

PETA’s complaint then put a stop to the program, causing Chicago to become even more overrun with the pests — presenting an increased risk of disease spreading among human living in rat-infested areas. The animal rights group clearly cared more about the rats being able to live and breed uncontrollably and spread infectious diseases than about the humans whose health was being put at risk.

Now, according to DNA Info, Chicago officials announced on Tuesday that the EPA approved the program and has given the city the green light to crack down on the pesky pests.

In addition to using the dry ice, the city will test a new rat-control method, Contrapest, which is made up of bait and a chemical that induces infertility in rats that eat it over several months, DNA Info reported.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual called Tuesday’s decision “smarter and more effective.”

PETA should be ashamed of themselves. No one wants to live in a rat-infested area, and dealing with the animals is frankly disgusting.

But it’s more than that. The link between rats and diseases that can strike humans is well established, whether directly, through rat bites and scratches, or indirectly, though rat urine in an area or fleas the animals can carry. The bubonic plague, the “Black Death” that almost wiped out humans in Europe in the Middle Ages, is widely suspected of being caused by rats.

Even PETA shouldn’t want to mess around with something that helped the “Black Death” along.

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