Chicago Erects Anti-Trump Sculpture Near City’s Trump Tower

Chicago Erects Anti-Trump Sculpture Near Citys Trump Tower

Many of the most liberal cities in America have made it abundantly clear that they despise President Donald Trump, his supporters and everything that they stand for — even though the president’s policies could end up pulling these cities up out of decay and despair.

The government of Chicago, Illinois, led by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has been a strong critic of Trump — to the point where they are now erecting art in front of Trump tower in Chicago that is seemingly meant to be a jab against Trump, the Chicago Tribune reported.

A piece of art with the words “real” and “fake” on top on each other was erected in front of Trump tower in late June — clearly a deliberate placement considering all the talk about “fake news” that has surrounded the Trump administration.

While the artist behind the piece didn’t make it with Trump in mind (he designed and created the piece in 2013), Chicago’s government almost certainly placed it in front of Trump tower deliberately.

“What’s wonderful about art is that it is completely open to interpretation,” city spokeswoman Christine Carrino explained when asked about the art piece.

It is unclear how much this sculpture cost to display. What is known is that Chicago apparently has money to put up anti-Trump propaganda, despite the fact that they are flat broke.

CNBC noted that Chicago’s bond rating is at the “junk” rating. Chicago had a $137.6 million budget deficit, Breitbart reported, but apparently there was money in that budget for putting up stupid (and ugly) art projects.

If the people of Chicago had any common sense, they would throw all their politicians out of office for spending money so foolishly. Instead, many will likely cheer this latest ant-Trump display and continue to ignore the ballooning budget crisis that their city is facing.

The government of Chicago has proven that it is widely incompetent. These politicians should focus on balancing the budget and ending the ongoing murders committed in the city rather than criticizing the one person who could actually help them.

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