Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Takes Jab at Obama Legacy

Chelsea Clinton Accidentally Takes Jab at Obama Legacy

One of the many terrible legacies of the Obama administration is inedible school lunches that have been the subject of much anger and ridicule from students and parents alike.

President Donald Trump has vowed to roll back this disastrous school lunch program, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, inadvertently helped Trump advance his argument about the lunches, TheBlaze reported.

Clinton initially fired off a tweet that linked to a research article that pointed out that children are more likely to actually learn something in school when they aren’t hungry.

Such ground breaking research. Who ever would have thought of such a radical concept?

One person replied to Clinton’s tweet pointing out that this was “common sense” and “doesn’t seem like this is an idea that needs research.”

Clinton replied to that, agreeing and then trying to accuse Republicans of fighting against feeding children.

“Agreed. Sadly, many Republicans continue to argue against free school lunches & breakfasts & against nutritional support for families,” she wrote.

Instead of attacking Republicans as she had hoped her tweet would, Clinton’s remarks accidentally served as jab against former first lady Michelle Obama’s lunch program — a program that has left many children hungry during school and most certainly doesn’t give them nutritional support.

What was supposed to be a way to get children to stop eating junk food turned into a program that gives kids very little food, and the food that they do get looks like something that would violate the Geneva Convention’s section on the care and treatment of POWs.

Several twitter users replied to Clinton’s tweets by pointing out how she had essentially just criticized the Obamas, and sending her some pictures of the disgusting food that is served in schools.

“So then you opposed Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, which perpetually left kids hungry, correct?” wrote one user.

“Maybe you should talk to Michelle Obama about wasted school lunches before blaming Republicans,” wrote another.

Maybe Clinton will think twice before she starts trying to blame Republicans for everything that is wrong with this country. A little common sense could have saved her a lot of embarrassment over these tweets.

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