Celebs Threaten Trump…. But Forget 8-Month-Old Promise

Celebs Threaten Trump But Forget 8-Month-Old Promise

Indignant celebrities across the nation took to social media to threaten President Donald Trump over his ban on transgenders in the military, but we need to look back just a few months ago to see what a bunch of hypocrites and liars some of them can be.

Leading the pack was actor George Takei, who has voiced some of the loudest outrage over Trump’s presidency and his policies.

The “Star Trek” star put the president “on notice,” saying that he had angered the wrong group of people and added that Trump would regret his decision.

Take a look:

He called for action from gay and lesbian allies because he is against hate:

What a joke.

And Takei wasn’t the only liberal challenging Trump on Twitter.

Other celebrities claimed the president has caused psychological damage to transgender people while still others claimed the ban must be challenged.

However, there’s a problem with all of the indignant outrage and the putting of Trump on notice, and it’s an important one.

During the presidential campaign, many liberal celebrities promised to leave the country if Trump won the election. It was a promise they did not keep, and of all their impassioned promises, this was the one we all hoped they would live up to.

This broken promise reinforces what we have known about liberals for decades, and that is they cannot be trusted.

Oh, we can trust leftist celebrities to whine and complain on social media. We can expect them to trash Trump every time they find themselves behind a microphone, but when it comes down to actually doing something other than wearing a pin or a stupid pink hat, celebrities are actually kind of useless.

But never fear, they will carry on with their vitriolic attacks against the president because it’s the liberal thing to do.

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