Catholics Gather Together to Try And Stop Satanic Statue From Being Built

Catholics Gather Together to Try And Stop Satanic Statue From Being Built

As the debate over free speech and religious freedom has raged in the United States, one group has tried to take advantage of both sides of the argument to promote their own twisted beliefs — Satanists.

In their most significant victory to date, a group of Satanists are going to have a Satanic monument erected on public land in Belle Plaine, Minnesota — the first in American history — and a group of Christians are banding together to pray for divine intervention, The Daily Caller reported.

America Needs Fatima and Return to Order are holding a “rosary rally” where they will pray for God’s guidance in dealing with this new display of Satan on public land — though they don’t plan to do anything about the statue other than pray and fast.

The statue hasn’t been erected yet and the exact date when it will be put up is not known at this time.

“So our job as Catholics is to remind people of the truth that they already know — that Satan is our ultimate enemy who wants our ultimate failure in life and who wants to destroy the purpose of life which is to correspond to God’s plan for each person and to go to Heaven,” Robert Ritchie, the director of ANF, explained.

“And the devil wants people not to live according to God’s plan and wants them to go to Hell,” he added.

Ironically enough, the reason this Satanic monument is being erected is because a Christian monument featuring a soldier praying was allowed to stay on public land — provided it was turned into a “free speech zone” where anyone could put up a monument.

The New York Times noted that “The Satanic Temple,” the group behind this monument, claimed that they don’t actually promote Satan, but are more along the lines of atheists.

WCCO reported that several residents of the town are upset over the Satanic display, and feel that there shouldn’t have been a “free speech zone” erected in the first place because it will just lead to more groups pulling stunts like this.

“We were warned against creating this free speech zone, and it will be probably be just as well that we didn’t have one, that people could use private property to say whatever they want,” City Councilmember Cary Coop, who voted against the free speech zone, explained.

This incident should serve as an eye-opener to people around the country considering free speech zones where anyone can put up any sort display, even one glorifying a personification of evil.

The zone in Minnesota may have been started with good intentions, but it has turned into one big headache for the community.

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