Cartoon Sums Up What Everyone Is Thinking About CNN Right Now

Cartoon Sums Up What Everyone Is Thinking About CNN Right Now

Robert Gehl reports that a CNN producer hit the nail on the head when he was talking about his network’s coverage of the so-called “Trump-Russia” connection.”

“It’s mostly bullshit right now.”

Captured on video by “Project Veritas,” CNN’s supervising producer John Bonifield admitted that it’s not the truth that drives content on the “news” network, but ratings.

Since the election in November, CNN has been at the forefront of trying to smear President Trump in anyway possible.

Fronting as actual “News,” the latest undercover video shows the cynical and profit-driven motive that’s really behind the network.

Here’s the transcript, courtesy of The Daily Wire:

Project Veritas JOURNALIST: So you believe the Russia thing is a little crazy, right?

BONIFIELD: Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections. Our CIA is doing shit all the time, we’re out there trying to manipulate governments.

You win because you know the game and you play it right. [Hillary Clinton] didn’t play it right.

PV JOURNALIST: Then is why is CNN constantly, like, Russia this, Russia that?

BONIFIELD: Because it’s ratings.

Bonifield admitted that the decision makers at CNN thought Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement was a big error, and that theory frames their news coverage.

BONIFIELD: He goes, just to give you some context, President Trump pulled out of the climate accords, and for a day and a half we covered the climate accords and the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said, “Good job, everybody, covering the climate accords. But we’re done with it. Let’s get back to Russia.


BONIFIELD: Yeah. So even the climate accords, he was like, “Okay, a day or so, but we’re moving back to Russia.”

Bonifield then expresses cynicism of an industry whose actors often present themselves as operating in good faith:

BONIFIELD: I love the news business, but I’m very cynical about it and at the same time so are most of  my colleagues. I’m not alone.

Bonifield does acknowledges his network’s leftist bias:

BONIFIELD: I think that there are a lot of like, liberal CNN viewers who want to see Trump really get scrutinized, and I think if we would have behaved that way with President Obama, and scrutinized everything that he was doing with as much scrutiny as we apply to Donald Trump, I think our viewers would’ve been turned off. I think they would have felt like we were attacking him. I think our viewers, right now, and I’m not saying all our viewers are like super liberals, I think there’s just a lot of them.

Finally, and most amazingly, Bonifield acknowledges that the Russia story being peddled by the mainstream media is mostly “fake news.” PV JOURNALIST: But honestly, you think the whole Russia shit is just bullshit?

BONIFIELD: Could be bullshit. I mean, it’s mostly bullshit, right now. Like we don’t have any big giant proof. But then they say, “Well, there’s still an investigation going on.” Yeah, I don’t know, if you were finding something, we would know about it.

The way these leaks happen, they’d leak it. It’d leak. If it was something really good, it would leak.”

So there you have it. It’s a nothing burger. They admit it. But they’ll keep selling it in hopes that something – anything – comes out of it.

If you keep saying the same lie over and over again, eventually, the people will believe it.

Is that what CNN and the other networks are doing?

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