Cartoon Sums Up Democrats’ Dangerous Approach to Everything

Cartoon Sums Up Democrats Dangerous Approach to Everything

From Robert Gehl: Maxine Watters has gone a bit crazy of late.

With her talk of impeaching Donald Trump (who she called a “scumbag”), declaring there was evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia during the election, then declaring there wasn’t, she’s completely unhinged.

And while that story has changed, one thing has remained constant … she thinks President Trump should be impeached.

Now the California House Member is getting a taste of her own medicine. Famed artist “Sabo” took to putting billboards, bench displays and other signs around a town hall meeting that Waters was having Saturday in Inglewood that mock Waters and her inane comments.

On one bench, it references a report that President Trump received two scoops of ice cream with dessert while everyone else got one. “2 SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM IS NOT FAIR! IMPEACH TRUMP!” – MAXINE WATERS” it reads.

maxine waters bench

A bus shelter poster reads “Impeach Maxine Waters” with her face superimposed over a mugshot of the late James Brown. “Race Baiter, Old & Out of Touch and Poverty Pimp” it describes her as.

Under a list of “important issues facing us in 2017” are: “Blame Whitey for Everything,” “Impeach Trump” and “Blame Whitey For Everything.”

maxine waters bus shelter poster

The artist even put up fictional street signs reading “Illegals Hurt Blacks Avenue and “Impeach Maxine Waters Drive”

maxine waters street signs

Meanwhile, waiting to attend the Waters town hall, one of her supporters told the (apparently) white cameraman to “go back to Europe.”

“Go back to England– and Irish, too. That’s where you’re going to go back,” the man said, waving at the camera.

“I’m not from England,” the man filming responded.

“Pilgrim,” the man declared before walking away.

Here’s the full video, showing Trump supporters being kicked out of the town hall meeting:

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H/T: The American Mirror